Monster Adsense KW Package

We came across a package of keywords that are perfect for adsense that are easy to rank.

The video below will show you the metrics as shown in KWFinder and the amount of USA searches for each keyword.

The package of 30 keywords adds up to over 500,000 monthly USA searches.

They are keywords that are about a particular USA company and some aspects of their customer service.

We are not going to piecemeal this out as that would invite competition to each person who buys it but if you are serious about an adsense site and have the knowledge and ability to build a decent sized site this is something you should consider.  This is also a growing company that has a presence in almost every State in the USA.

I’m not going to reveal the type of company as that could possibly invite competition as well.

Had I found these on my own, and not as a partner in this business, I would be building a site myself as opposed to selling them to someone.


You’ll have to demonstrate/explain to me (BTB) that you are able to build a decent sized site as we are not going to sell them to someone and they fail as that would suck for you and for us as we want our clients successful.   

The price is 997.00 for the entire package.

If you are interested in this hit me up via PM on BHW.

Here is a pic of some of the average cost per click that some have requested.